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Organisation type: SME

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BIOACTOR is a product development SME delivering natural and proprietary formulations of bioactives for use in health applications such as dietary supplements and functional foods. Its products offer scientifically proven benefits in selected indication areas for which there is strong demand for long-term non-drug treatment, notably the metabolic syndrome (obesity related health condition) and age related health impairments (e.g. bone health and cardiovascular diseases). The product pipeline currently consists of five products that have been tested in vitro and in vivo in collaboration with scientific partners at CSIC, INRA, UCL, University of Buenos Aires and Ghent University. The efficacy of these products is currently being evaluated in clinical studies as well as food technological aspects of these new ingredients are in progress. BIOACTOR has set up multiple research lines to substantiate the health effects of its product leads in close collaboration with different European research institutes and has already run several human intervention studies. BIOACTOR has expertise and infrastructure in analytics (e.g. HPLC/MS) and food application studies. It has performed extensive analytics and application studies with regard to phytochemicals, fibers and peptides. One of the key managers of the company is a patent expert and the company has an experienced business developer with a large network of business contacts and partners in the food ingredients, clinical nutrition, functional food and dietary supplements. The scientific manager is an expert in gut microbiology, weight management and functional food development.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP1: will provide input in relation to health claim regulations and EFSA approvals;

WP2: above-mentioned test compounds will be used as model compounds in WP4;

WP4: will actively participate by organizing a human bioavailability study.