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British Nutrition Foundation (BNF)

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The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) was established in 1967 and is a registered charity and SME. Its mission is to deliver authoritative, evidence-based information on food and nutrition in the context of health and lifestyle. BNF’s work is conducted and communicated through a unique blend of nutrition science, education, and media activities. BNF has been actively engaged in communication engagements through several EU-funded research projects including FLAIRFLOW4, OB-AGE (FP5), LIPGENE, EuroFIR (FP6); is currently involved with dissemination for ProSafeBeef and EUROFIR NEXUS (FP7) and will start work on CommFABnet (FP7), at the end of 2011. BNF has two extensively used websites and works in partnership with academic and research institutes, the food industry, educators, government and media around Europe. BNF’s work with stakeholders including the food industry, government departments and academics ensures that the Foundation is up-to-date on developments in regulation related to food and food labelling nutrition policy and science. In particular, BNF has been sought as a source of information and guidance on the European Commission’s Nutrition and Health Claims regulation 1924/2006, since this came into force in 2007. BNF has also provided rapporteur support to EFSA on health claims and novel foods and publishes ‘horizon scan’ updates on emerging research and emerging policy/ issues.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WPL-1: to support the work of the project by providing internal guidance for the development of successful health claims dossiers.

WP7: contribution to dissemination and stakeholder engagements and public website updating