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Coressence was established in 2005 and produces a range of epicatechin and procyanidin rich extractsderived from specially selected and protected apple varieties. Coressence is backed by a growerconsortium of 85 members and counts amongst its shareholders Frank P. Matthews Ltd, the UK’soldest fruit tree nursery with over 1 million trees in cultivation. Coressence runs an extensive plant breeding programme and undertakes extraction of specific products using 3rd party contractors who operate Coressence owned process plant. Coressence manages and contributes to a number of in-vitro and in-vivo studies throughout the UK and Europe as well as supporting PhD studies throughout UK universities. Coressence operates a UK and international science board which contributes to product development, regulatory affairs, process development and the design and approval of human intervention protocols to be adopted when using its products. Coressence has established IP ranging from Plant Variety Rights through to Patents and has a number of patent applications progressing through the PCT country stage. Patent applications range from variety selection parameters and processing for the provision of cardiovascular-related and cancer-related health benefits. Coressence’s Evesse™ EPC (-)-epicatechin rich extract containing 30% (w/w) monomers is exclusively licensed to Danisco A/S along with other products. Coressence has recently established a plant cell culture programme which produces cultured cell lines including secondary metabolites from selected fruit mother stock. The plant cell culture products are targeted on cosmaceutical and pharmaceutical applications and can be produced without heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide or other contaminants and with inter-seasonal consistency.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP1: member of Health Claims Advisory Board.

WP2: Provision of material for other studies in WPs 4 & 5.