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Creme is a research-based SME based in Dublin and provides software and consultancy services to governments, industry and researchers that allow it to accurately understand consumer exposure and intakes of foods, nutrients, contaminants, and cosmetics. Creme spun out of the Trinity Center for High Performance Computing in Trinity College Dublin in 2003 to bring the intellectual property from the FP5 project Monte Carlo as service to clients around the world. Creme’s methodology involves combining worldwide food consumption surveys and food composition databases with probabilistic modelling and high performance computing in order to accurately assess consumer intake and exposure to foods and any of their constituents. This methodology is scientifically validated, published in peer-reviewed journals and regulatory accepted. Creme is currently working with such government regulators as the USDA, FSAI, and EFSA to help ensure the health and wellness of their consumers. Creme’s clients also consist of multinationals and universities; such as, Unilever and Kansas State University. Creme has recently been honoured with The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award and the Trininty Innovation Award, and continues to make great strides in its technological and business endeavours. Creme has participated in the following projects: Monte Carlo Project (FP5; probabilistic modelling of food chemicals: additives, pesticides, and nutrients); NOFORISK (FP6; novel food ingredient exposure assessment); FACET (FP7; Food chemical surveillance system to monitor consumer exposure to flavourings, additives, and food contact materials in the EU); and Food4me (FP7; Personalised nutrition, an integrated analysis of opportunities and challenges).

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP1: contributing to the best guidelines on health claims and watching-brief on new claims.

WP3: developing and testing of eBASIS-EXPOSURE prototype and contributing to exploitation plans.