Flemish Institute for Technological Research

VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research)

Organisation type: RTD

Web : www.vito.be


VITO is an independent research organisation with ca 600 staff and conducts customer oriented contract research and develops innovative products and processes in the fields of food, environment, materials and energy, and this for both the public and the private sector. The Industrial Innovation department at VITO runs a research programme that is oriented towards both health and high-end valorisation of biomass, with particular focus on side and waste streams from agricultural and food industry. The unit has profound knowledge of the characterisation of polyphenols and other bioactive substances and also houses the VITO Centre for Proteomics which has profound experience in peptide analysis. VITO also has a wide experience in organizing inter-laboratory comparisons exercises. The analytical and isolation unit consists of 33 highly trained staff. The biomass research group is run by 3 researchers and is completed by several Ph.D. students and a staff of 10 experienced lab technicians. The main expertise lies in characterisation of biomolecules in all kinds of matrices from ppt-level up to percentage-level. The lab is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical equipment. VITO has participated in over 50 EU projects including PROSPARE,INFLAME, E-AGRI (Crop monitoring as an e-agricultural tool in developing countries) and TDSExposure (from 2012).

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP2: To develop an apple based flavonol glycoside rich food product to be used in the intervention studies (WP6); and to develop accurate and fit-for-purpose analytical methods for quantifying key bioactive peptides and polyphenols in foods and extracts.

WP4: To develop methods for identification and quantification of bioactive peptides in human blood and assess bioavailability in humans and application of the VITO-polyphenol toolkit to assist in identifying unknown polyphenol metabolites.