Fundación Universitaria San Antonio

Fundación Universitaria San Antonio

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This group was created in 2003 at the Catholic University San Antonio, and our research is primarily focused on the study of bioactive substances in plant foods, its bioavailability “in vitro” analysis of their antioxidant activity by different methods and clinical trials to observe the effects of these bioactive substances on biomarkers of oxidative stress, inflammatory markers and lipid profile in healthy individuals and with diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome and macular degeneration (AMD). The group has participated in 7 research projects, 6 contracts with national and international companies and has approximately 20 publications.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

To conduct a double blind randomised controlled trial to test the effects of a bioactive peptide-rich diet on blood pressure ansd CVD risk in humans, in collaboration with CSIC-IATA.