Industrias Carnicas Vaquero

Industrias Carnicas Vaquero S.A.

Organisation type: SME

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Industrias Carnicas Vaquero S.A. was established in 1998 and currently employs 144 persons and has its headquarters in Madrid. The business activities are based in three main activities: (a) Pig slaughterhouse with a slaughter capacity of 2500 animals a day; (b) Pig cutting plant where the daily throughput is 130 Tn/day, at a speed of 200 carcasses per hour; and (c) Dispatch of the final product frozen. Fresh product are dispatched as fresh, or they are introduced in the quick freezer tunnel in plastic crates at (-35ºC), for at least (18-24h). Once the product is frozen, it is prepared in the preparation area and is packed either in naked blocks, or in cardboard boxes, depending on the customer requirements. Once packed, frozen products are stored under cold storage (-20ºC) till the product is dispatched to third countries or to other customers who demand the product. The company has focused on innovation and development of new products as well as establishing nutritional profiles for pork meat and processed pork meats. R+D activity is concerned with the development of healthier meats and meat products and also on the study of bioactive compounds in pork meat. This research activity is developed in collaboration with CSIC. Vaquero has already developed and commercialised a healthy pork meat registered with the trade mark porcidiet®, that in human trials demonstrated improved control of cholesterol and triacylglycerols concentrations in subjects.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP2: Production of specific pork meat for the study of bioactive peptides and controlled production of processed pork meat products and isolation of bioactive peptides. Assist in production and characterization of specific pork meats products for future human trials.