Institute of Food Research (coordinator)

Institute of Food Research

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The Institute of Food Research (IFR) is a world leader in research into harnessing food for health and preventing food-related diseases and is the only UK institute wholly dedicated to food science and diet and health. As one of the UK Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council’s institutes, IFR conducts internationally-ranked fundamental, strategic and applied research with high socio-economic impact, benefitting UK and European industry, consumers, policymakers and regulatory agencies. The Institute is located on the Norwich Research Park ( along with the University of East Anglia, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, and research centres devoted to genome analysis and the plant and microbial sciences. IFR’s research, conducted by acomplement of 200 scientists, visiting workers and students, addresses key global challenges such as food security, improving health and wellbeing by dietary means and optimising the sustainability of the food chain. Its interdisciplinary research programme covers and crosses Integrated Biology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, and Food & Health, together with three National Capabilities. The Institute has been active in research, training, knowledge transfer and networking projects funded by EU FPs since 1983, and is currently involved in >60 projects with partners from across the EU and beyond, being a Work Package Leader or Coordinator in more than 30% of these. IFR has dedicated and experienced staff to administer and support international projects, deliver scientific and financial reports, and encourage and mentor visiting students and early stage researchers. IFR is recognised internationally for its communication activities, which are targeted at stakeholder communities, and for its knowledge exchange programme, which is globally networked and channelled through its Food and Health Network ( IFR is a founding member of the European Technology Platform Food for Life ( and of the FOODforce network of leading EU centres of food and health research ( Collaborating with key partners across Europe, the Institute is developing a Food Knowledge and Innovation Community ( to integrate the education, research and innovation sectors.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP1: Member of the Health Claims Advisory Board.

WP2: Method development, food characterisation and ring testing.

WP3: EBASIS database manager for compositional data & lead exploitation/sustainability plans.

WP4: Providing synthetic metabolites as standards.

WP5: Effects of bioactives on endothelial function and progression of atherosclerosis.

WP6: Conducting a human dietary intervention study.

WP7: Utilising existing links with industry in the IFR Food & Health Network (FHN) to support

dissemination to industry and academia, and support organisation of workshops/ knowledge exchange activities between BACCHUS and international organisations in Canada, Australia, NZ and Asia.

WP8: Overall Coordinator/Co-Coordinator.