Kamut Europe Enterprise

Kamut Europe Enterprise (KEE)-B

Organisation type: SME

Web : www.kamut.com


Kamut Enterprises is a subsidiary company of Kamut International Ltd (KI), founded in Montana in 1994, to promote and to protect the trademark KAMUT® and to sell KAMUT® brand khorasan wheatin the world. Since the beginning, Kamut International has sponsored ongoing research studying KAMUT® khorasan wheat. Current studies are focusing on hypoallergenicity, digestibility and antioxidant capacity of KAMUT® khorasan wheat. KEE can count on connections with several organically certified farms to grow high quality wheat. KI and KEE research focuses on understanding the effects of a diet comprised of KAMUT® khorasan wheat on living organisms. Other studies involve new fields such as nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics. Additionally, a research project is studying the content of dietary fibres in KAMUT® khorasan wheat and how to optimize manufacturing processes to retain the dietary fibres in finished products. In order to guarantee to consumers that what they purchase contain only original KAMUT® khorasan wheat, Kamut International has developed  a molecular analysis system to identify the DNA fingerprint of KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP2: to provide raw material and foodstuff for the human intervention study in WP6 and will collaborate in the screening of lunasin content in wheat germoplasm.