Nofima AS

Nofima AS

Organisation type: RTD



Nofima is a research institute with about 470 employees working in research and development for the aquaculture, fisheries and food industry in Norway. Nofima’s mission is to actively contribute to increased competitiveness in the food industry. The clients are mainly food enterprises, both large and SMEs. Food and health is one of the major research fields with activities on bioactive compounds in raw material and processed foods for developing healthy food products and meals for better health. Nofima possess several facilities and methodology relevant in the current proposal. The institute has food pilot processing plants for processing studies and product development and extensive analytical capabilities for characterization and quantification of food ingredients, bioactive compounds, metabolites and selected biomarkers and cell line model systems for studying bioactivity, as well as in vitro digestion and in vitro colon fermentation models. Nofima has long experience in studying the microbiota derived from the human and animal gut and high competence in sensory analysis, consumer surveys has a staff with statisticians and high competence in various statistical methods, and multivariate statistics. Nofima has participated in several EU and international projects including Lowjuice (2006-09), MoniQA (2006-11), and SYSDIET (2007-12), as well as national projects in the evaluation of phytochemicals in marine oils, fruits, vegetables and beverages.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP2: analysis of procyanidins, ellagitannins and ellagic acid in fruit and nut products.

WP3: evaluation of polyphenol composition data for addition to eBASIS and analysis og ellagitannins and ellagic acid composition of fruit products, including novel raspberry and strawberry products.

WP5: analysis of effects of oxidative stress and inflammation markers.