NUTRIKA d.o.o Irig Serbia SR

Organisation type: SME

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Nutrika is a young and small company established in 2010 with currently 9 employees among which are food farmers, food engineers and pharmacists and is located in north part of Serbia at the centre of the Northern Serbian food producers and industry. The business concept is based on four pillars:
(1) Preserving and the identification of forest berries farms, traditional herbal products and receipts;
(2) Development of new dietary supplements based on forest berries primarily using Aronia Melanocarpa berries;
(3) Innovations in dietary supplement formulations; and
(4) Development, production and sales of own products. The main activity comprises the development and production of innovative berries supplements and is the regional leader in the processing of Aronia berries supplements for the health shops, pharmacies, and research institutes as well as for private consumers. All products are developed by Nutrika itself and protected by respective government services – either trademark or patent. It also licenses several patents on products & processes involving the forest berries exploitation and new products development. Currently Nutrika holds a patent on a program of forest berries exploitation processes involving technology for an enrichments of bioactive components and is involved in the patenting process of dietary fibre enriched Aronia pure juice. In addition, Nutrika has Aronia melanocarpa based 5 products on market. Nutrika was invited as an industrial cooperate partner in various national research projects, which deals with discovering the role and health activity of organically grown mountain berries. Recently, it has started developing new products called “Water plus” which focuses on products based on mineral water and forest berries for young and active adults with metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP2: responsible for pure Aronia juice production and for developing of three types of juice doses necessary for human in

WP6; will also design placebo drink using new technologies that needs to be evaluated and tested in the sensory study and contribute to the determination of bioactive components in berries grown over two harvest seasons and provide all necessary documentation regarding products safe use in human to IMR.