PAMIDA International

PAMIDA International, Ltd. (PAMIDA)

Organisation type: SME



PAMIDA is a professional disseminator of scientific achievements within the field of life and medical sciences. Its mission to enable cross-boarder and international co-operation and communication between scientific institutions and individual scientists in order to accelerate knowledge exchange, facilitate international co-operation and disseminate new scientific insights to the public by on-line tools, off-line media and international scientific conferences, symposia, meetings, press-conferences.
Pamida has internationally experience in formulating and delivering communication strategies targeting the relevant stakeholders of relevant academic, scientific or public groups. Pamida organises worldwide renown scientific conferences within the field of nutritional sciences (e.g. International Scientific Conference on Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in 2009 and 2011, attended by scientists from industry and academia from more than 80 countries. The conferences and the satellite symposia serve as hubs for current findings in evidence-based nutritional sciences and hereby accelerate the exchange of knowledge, facilitate new co-operations between scientist and research institutes. Pamida conference management services aim to provide efficient meetings where scientist can concentrate on knowledge exchange and networking. The full service approach includes: first announcement, online communication, speaker arrangements, registration and fee collection, abstract submission, conference programme preparation, state-of-the-art presentation techniques, preparation of proceedings and on-line and off-line post-conference dissemination of new scientific achievements of public interest. Pamida disseminates scientific achievements are built on its long-term media partners, international peerreviewed scientific journals and industry publications. Through its translational team findings of multilingual research groups can be translated to local languages for use in reaching national targets groups with preference for communication native language such as general public or national media.

Main roles in BACCHUS:
WP7: WPL for dissemination, stakeholder engagements and training .