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The interdisciplinary research teams (encompassing nutrition, food science, food chemistry, food technology, food safety, food and consumer science) in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at UCC have driven the development of an internationally competitive Food & Health research programme that has a sustained, high quality output as evidenced by citation indices, magnitude of funding, research output and industry interaction. Using an approach that encompasses both whole food products and food components, investigations into food/nutrition and healthy growth and development, healthy ageing and disease risk reduction in human volunteers has been ongoing since the early 1990’s at UCC. Research themes in Nutrition include the role of micronutrients, salt, plant foods, seafood, dairy, cereals and meat (and associated bioactives from these) in human nutrition and health, with particular reference to bone metabolism, gut health and cardio-metabolic risk reduction throughout the lifecycle. Recent EC-funded Framework projects with participation from Nutrition at UCC include NU-AGE, Earlynutrition, EURECCA, EUROFIR, NEXUS, Plantlibra, Seafoodplus, Infabio, Osteodiet and Optiford.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP-3: eBASIS database manager for biological effects and addition of new data.

WP6: WPL leader; conducting RCT study in humans.