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Food Chemistry is one of the six divisions of the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences that is situated on one of the four campuses of UHEL. The Department employs more than 220 persons with the focus on food chemical research covering bioactive compounds including fat- and water soluble vitamins, phytosterols, cholesterol and other lipids, flavonoids and phenolic acids as well as minerals. Our current interests include bioprocessing in order to enrich the content and bioavailability of nutrients and various reactions leading to diminished food safety such as oxidation reactions of lipids and proteins. UHEL has a strong analytical capability and has participated in several EU projects including FolateFuncHealth (FP5), EuroFIR NoE, DEVELONUTRI, HEALTHGRAIN, (FP6) and EuroFIR Nexus (FP7).

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP1: participates in the Health Claim Advisory Board.

WP2: analysis of Aronia juice phenolic composition and production of polyphenol-rich fractions to be used for gut transformation (WP4) and platelet activity studies (WP5); method intercomparison studies.

WP3: data evaluator for eBASIS database.

WP4: lead responsibility for the determination of the stability and fate of Aronia anthocyanins and other polyphenols; analyses gut transformation metabolites of anthocyanins and anthocyanin and other metabolites from human intervention study; and synthesis of selected human phenolic metabolites.