University of Leeds

The University of Leeds


Organisation type: RTD


The University of Leeds is one of the leading Universities in the UK and the Food Science department was rated 5* at 2 Research Assessment Exercises at the most recent assessment in the UK. The research group of Prof Gary Williamson focuses on dietary phytochemicals including polyphenols and phenolic acids in foods, their metabolism and health effects, and their relationship to other nutrients. Leeds University strategic funding for research laboratory infrastructure (SRIF) (€1.2M) facilitated set-up of a suite of laboratories with cell culture facilities, state-of-the-art HLPC analytics, and Akta protein purification. The group consists of postdocs and PhD students, together with several undergraduate project students.

Main roles in BACCHUS:

WP5: WPL and overseeing in vitro mechanistic models aqnd glucose absorption studies.

WP8: member of Executive Board.